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P90X2 Deluxe DVD Rip with Docs (Tony Horton's P90X)
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2012-01-18 05:23:12 GMT

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P90X2 Deluxe DVD Rip with Docs (Tony Horton's P90X Version 2)P90X2 WORKOUT: THIS IS NO ORDINARY SEQUEL.The result of 2 years of R&D conducted by a team of the most qualified experts in fitness, this is training so cutting edge, so outrageously effective, you'll be blown away by your visible results. AND your performance.P90X:2 is based on Muscle Confusion to break through normal 30-day training plateaus so you get results fast. P90X2 ups the ante with a training technique developed by professional sports trainers for world class results: P.A.P., or Post-Activation Potentiation. Don't try to remember the word, just remember that it works. Like crazy. With P90X2, you get 12 groundbreaking workouts focused on chiseling your body while building your balance, agility, core strength, and athleticism. It includes new customization with an all-new, highly flexible Nutrition Guide to help you excel.THIS, is training. Better training than most pro athletes get. The kind of cross-training that separates posers from performers. And with emphasis on your abs/core, powerful athletic function, and lightning-bolt agility, it'll help you blast through your plateaus.Phase One is focused on your foundation with the goal of creating a solid attachment to the ground. Includes X2 Core, which works the core using instability; X2 Balance + Power, which incorporates strength and plyometric movements; and more.Phase Two focuses on strength with workouts like Plyocide, combining explosive movements with mind and coordination drills; Chest + Back + Balance, the mega pump of P90X Chest & Back with the addition of unstable platforms.Phase Three focuses on performance. You can look forward to P.A.P. (Post-Activation Potentiation) Lower and P.A.P. Upper, two separate workouts using a cutting-edge training technique used by some of the fittest athletes on the planet's series of repeated movements or "complexes" that will absolutely destroy you.X2 CORE(approx. 57 min.)The cornerstone of P90X2: Master this core workout and see all your movement patterns improve.PLYOCIDE(approx. 57 min.)Combine explosive movements with mind and body coordination, and watch your performance go through the roof.X2 RECOVERY + MOBILITY(approx. 58 min.)Take rest and turn it into total body realignment. The key: an effective technique called foam rolling . . .X2 TOTAL BODY(approx. 64 min.)Instability plus resistance equals pure muscle-building efficiency with every rep.X2 YOGA(approx. 68 min.)Increase isometric power, improve your range of motion, and strengthen your stabilizer muscles.X2 BALANCE + POWER(approx. 63 min.)Fortify the link between balance and power, and your core has no choice but to get stronger.CHEST + BACK + BALANCE(approx. 60 min.)Work out from unstable platforms and gain strength and balance at a rate that can't be matched by traditional weight training.X2 SHOULDERS + ARMS(approx. 53 min.)Keep shoulders and arms strong and in balance. And look great in sleeveless shirts.BASE + BACK(approx. 56 min.)Cutting-edge science sculpts your two largest muscle groups in this pull-up and plyo extravaganza.P.A.P. LOWER(approx. 63 min.)This revolutionary sports training technique helps translate fitness into pro-level performance.P.A.P. UPPER(approx. 53 min.)Many of the world's fittest athletes have been destroyed (and fired up) by these seemingly straightforward moves. See what they do for you.X2 AB RIPPER(approx. 17 min.)That solid core you are looking for? Find it in this, the next generation ab-ripping workout.V SCULPT(approx. 54 min.)Work your biceps and back, the "actor muscles" while boosting your strength and functional fitness.X2 CHEST + SHOULDERS + TRIS(approx. 49 min.)By forcing movement out of an athletic position, you'll push chest, shoulders, and tris to perform at a higher level.Schedule/Calendar (Also in the torrent):Phase 1 – Foundation (3 to 6 weeks)Day 1: X2 CoreDay 2: PlyocideDay 3: Rest OR X2 Recovery + MobilityDay 4: X2 Total Body & X2 Ab RipperDay 5: X2 YogaDay 6: X2 Balance + PowerDay 7: Rest OR X2 Recovery + MobilityPhase 2 – Strength (3 to 6 weeks)Day 1: Chest + Back + Balance & X2 Ab RipperDay 2: PlyocideDay 3: Rest or X2 Recovery + MobilityDay 4: X2 Shoulders + Arms & X2 Ab RipperDay 5: X2 YogaDay 6: Base + Back & X2 Ab RipperDay 7: Rest or X2 Recovery + MobilityPhase 3 – Performance (3 to 4 weeks)Day 1: P.A.P. LowerDay 2: P.A.P. UpperDay 3: X2 YogaDay 4: Rest OR X2 Recovery + MobilityDay 5: P.A.P. LowerDay 6: P.A.P. UpperDay 7: Rest or X2 Recovery + MobilityRecovery Week (whenever needed)Day 1: X2 Recovery + MobilityDay 2: X2 YogaDay 3: X2 Recovery + MobilityDay 4: X2 YogaDay 5: X2 Recovery + MobilityDay 6: X2 YogaDay 7: Rest or X2 Recovery + Mobility


seed you tight bastards, seed
i force seed everything i have others should do it to it doesnt hurt nothing
jag kan inte ladda ner något inte varför någon
is thes the complet version i notice at the end of some of the videos they seem cut short like it had more to play but was edit
where are the documents? there's only videos in the file.
Can you seed please please please
please seed
Awesome, thanks so much!
This is great- can you rip a set of tracks from the Cue Only/No Music part of the DVDs?
les mills pump pleeeeeeeeease (also from BB)
Please seed, I will forever.
Thanks for uploading however , where are the documents that come with the package ?
smegwales : "seed you tight bastards, seed" ROFL CRACK ME UP !! But thats fact...
Can you upload Insanity Asylum Volume 2 please? IF you can find it somehow of course
Does anyone have the meal plan that comes with this?
great torrent I will seed it . Thanks for uploading this great file . Keep it up.
Hi....does anyone know the password to open up the rar file?
Thanks in advance!!
Can you upload the Yoga Booty Ballet Pure and Simple Yoga and Ab and Butt Makeover,and Body Gospel,please?
Does this download come with the
.Gym-quality P90X Chin-Up Bar
.Beachbody Performance™ Orange flavored
.Post-Workout Supplement (1-Month Supply)
.3 Pro-grade Resistance Bands*

Type SE
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